Get Involved In Our 2nd Annual Business & Leadership Summit for New Jersey High School Girls Featured

On February 7, 2015 our 2nd Annual Business & Leadership Summit for high school girls will again be held in Newark at the Rutgers rutgers-business-schoolBusiness School.

Our 1st Annual Summit, held on May 3, 2014 attracted 150 attendees from 38 high schools throughout the state. The response from counselors and their high school young women students was extremely strong.

Sample feedback from the 1st Annual Summit:

"It was very eye opening and it really showed how pivotal planning for my future is."

          100% will recommend future similar programs to their high school classmates and leaders

          95% indicated they enjoyed the event and found it worthwhile

          75% indicated the Conference increased their interest in pursuing a business oriented college education and career

There are available four full pages of positive feedback from everyone involved in the May 3rd program.

The Goal:

The Summit provides an opportunity for successful women business leaders to share their experiences and guidance while encouraging high school girls to consider pursuing a business oriented education and career.

We are currently developing the February 7th Buisness & Leadership Summit which includes:

  • Attracting corporate sponsors from organizations sharing our commitment to empowering young New Jersey women. To provide diversity to attendees, only one corporate sponsorship per category is available.
  • Lining up keynote speakers and panelists. At the 1st Annual Summit, 24 women participated in these roles. Many more wanted to be included. Again, each speaking participants came from a unique business sector including law, accounting, retail, online, consulting, digital marketing, pharmaceuticals, nonprofit, logistics, manufactoring and sports.

This year's group of presenters will include several from STEM sectors.

  • Finalizing the structure of the Summit, which will include:
    • Confirming a couple of important keynote addresses
    • Organizing four unique panels of 3 or 4 women in various stages of successful diverse business careers.  We anticipate a panel of "C" level executives, one of women business owners, one of young women in the first five years of their business careers and one of Rutgers Business School students sharing their experiences and goals.
    • A discussion led by Rutgers' admission team on what business schools look for when assessing applicants.
  • Recruiting appropriate women in business to serve as volunteer mentors to participating Business & Leadership Summit high school girls as a follow up to the Summit, a great way for women and their organization to "give back".
  • Starting to spread the word to high school girls and their counselors about the February 7th Summit. We are sure the event will again be oversubscribed so, if you know of any high school girls with a possible interest in following a business education and career, please connect us. Don't let young women you know get shut out of this important learning opportunity.

Action Step:

I would like to hear from you if you:

  • Work with an organization that would be a terrific sponsor for the Summit
  • Might like to participate as a panelist
  • Are interested in mentoring one of the young women attending the Summit
  • Would like to suggest a high school girl who might have an interest in participating in this very unique, high impact educational program.

Judy Chapman--Founder

Garden State Woman Education Foundation

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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