How I Became a Chemistry Major Featured

For the first half of honors-level chemistry in tenth grade, I hated the subject. Maybe chemistry and I got off on the wrong foot the first week when I did the wrong assignment for homework, and barely made it through a couple of problems about significant figures I had no business trying yet. I remember my early disdain for the subject, and I’m not alone. In October 2009, I wrote in an email update to my seventh-grade English teacher, “I'm taking chemistry this year and no one in our class likes's basically math, math, math. Everybody says that they prefer biology from last year.” By February 2010, my attitude began shifting and I described chemistry as “kind of fun, but also hard.” A month later, a classmate was absent and I let her know what she had missed—“it was pretty easy in chem today.” By the middle of junior year while I was taking physics, I discovered chemistry had a pull on me. I emailed a cousin, “I had chemistry last year, and I miss it a lot now that I’m in physics.” During senior year of high school, I took AP Chemistry, my passion for the science becoming clearer. Fast forward four years later; in May of this year, I graduated cum laude with specialized honors in chemistry from Drew University.


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