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What we are doing

The Garden State Woman Education Foundation (GSWEF- 501c3) has created a new initiative, GOOD DEEDS. This launches GSWEF as a leader in galvanizing the support of women in business to promote GOOD DEEDS, reaching out to help other people.  GOOD DEEDS is our fundraising name for the idea. Donations can be made on We have a fantastic new project that needs seed money, as does our unique college scholarship program.  So, please, help us go forward. Giving is intrinsic to our American way of life. It is the DNA of our human spirit. Thanks. 

This endeavor follows our tradition of reaching out to help others. For over a decade GSWEF has funded a partial annual scholarship ($1500/year for 4 years) for deserving young women attending a New Jersey college or university. These young women, mostly first- generation immigrants from our inner cities have benefitted from a 4-year mentoring program in addition to tuition assistance. This has been made possible by private donations and corporate support.


For me, GOOD DEEDS make me feel good. I like to feel good. I always get more than I give. I believe giving is the right thing to do.  For more than 20 years GSW has advocated for women and girls.  We have always tried to provide trusted information that promotes success and a happy life plan.  We believe in sharing. We want to expand that philosophy thru GOOD DEEDS. You can be part of this with your donation from our Donations page

Our new good deed

In collaboration with business woman, Susie Schub, Founder and President of Caring Capital in Morristown, N.J.  (see photo inset), GSWEF is undertaking the opportunity to combine volunteers and funding to perform a GOOD DEED that benefits an initiative of the international, SAVE THE CHILDREN (STC) charity. 

Key to this endeavor is the participation of freshman students at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) in Ewing.  Students are required to perform a volunteer activity, either independently or thru the college.  GSWEF has been given the opportunity by TCNJ to be part of this program. 

STC recently opened ‘Child-Friendly Spaces’ in two transit centers for Central American families awaiting asylum hearings. These families crossed the U.S. border at legal checkpoints and have been approved for release to a U.S. sponsor. Thanks to generous funders, STC-trained staff now provide daily support to 250 children at each center – in Deming and Los Cruces, New Mexico.  In colorful, furnished areas, STC offers emotional and educational support, and child-appropriate enrichment*

One of STC wishes is to give Caring Capital Activity Kits to children to fill their long days while awaiting clearance to join their sponsors or to occupy them when they board buses for their new homes.

The enticing art components for the Activity Kits are purchased from Caring Capital, assembled by volunteers, and then shipped to STC for distribution directly to the children (ages 5-12). Each kit features all the supplies and instructions (in Spanish) for a child to decorate one item: a Backpack, Journal, Blackboard or Baseball Cap. STC welcomes these four projects because each one fills an immediate, useful need.

Our current fundraising goal is to raise at least $5,000 which will allow our volunteers to assemble and ship 100 Activity Kits for the children.  Each individual donation of $50.00 will help underwrite the cost of processing one Kit. Students will receive recognition for their participation.

Donations will also be directed to our scholarship program which last year, thanks to a personal gift from a long-time supporter of the scholarship fund, provided tuition assistance to a Bayonne female resident from Egypt studying to be a pediatrician at Rutgers/Newark.

We will also be developing and conducting a 7- week course at TCNJ on why GOOD DEEDS should be part of their life plan.  The notion that the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you) is a basic tool that promotes a healthy attitude will be central to our effort.

Why you?

As businesswomen we know that a key element of success is our network. Over the years, GSWEF has assembled an incredible network of corporate, professional and entrepreneurial women followers. We are embarking on a new challenge; to embrace the idea that GOOD DEEDS are as American as mom and apple pie. I am depending on you to help us find other opportunities to do GOOD DEEDS. You can reach me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 908-879-7143. You can support us with your donation at  Remember Thanksgiving and be thankful that we have the opportunity to reach out and share our bounty.

About Caring Capital -

Caring Capital (CC) of Morristown, N.J. was founded by Susie Schub to drive employee engagement through social impact. CC empowers employees to collaborate as they make custom-designed Project Kits to donate to neighbors in need.  Projects range from Toy Boxes and Tables to Blankets and Backpacks.  Many of America’s largest employers have engaged CC to conceive and produce team-building events.

Caring Capital is proud to launch an alliance with Save The Children (STC). The Agency is thrilled to have received hundreds of CC’s Activity Kits already. Since new children arrive at STC’s transit centers daily, there is an ongoing need for a steady flow of Kits. Thank you for pitching in to let these children know they are welcome here!

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Judy Chapman

Judy Chapman founded Garden State Woman, Inc. in 1998 and the Garden State Woman Education Foundation 501(c)3 in 2007. In recognition of the need for women everywhere, including New Jersey, to take firmer control of their futures and their families’ futures - in a world that is still not equally balanced between the opportunities and rewards provided men and women - for equal efforts in many aspects of their personal and professional lives.

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