Career of a Military Wife

Wendy-selfThe life of a military spouse has its challenges.  Just ask Wendy Caldwell originally of Teaneck, NJ.  It is difficult enough to raise a family and sustain a career without the constant change and uncertainty that a military life can bring.  She has supported her husband Chris throughout his Army career following him to Europe, back to the US, is now living in Hawaii and will soon be stationed in San Antonio, TX.  Chris, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, has served in Asia, Europe and the Continental US.  He has driven tanks, jumped out of planes, strategized plans for base security and led troops through war zones.  During his deployment to Iraq from his duty station in Germany, Chris was a company commander while Wendy volunteered as a Family Readiness Group Leader to the families of his soldiers.father-keyring

Wendy graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design.  As a military spouse and mother her career path has had to be flexible.  She has worked for a jewelry production and manufacturing company, held various positions in the education field and has continued to work on her own jewelry designs.  Wendy is fortunate to have a skill and passion that she can share wherever the Army takes them.  This has all led her to launch Homefront Metalworks. Her design lines include a series of unique hand stamped pieces, military inspired jewelry and awareness ribbon designs. 

Wendy is now filling custom orders for people around the world.  She was flattered to learn that her jewelry speaks to those who buy her pieces.  The stories people share when they are making a purchase touch her profoundly. Wendy is honored to hear about the friend who will be gifted an Awareness militarywifeRibbon Necklace because they have just been diagnosed with cancer or the wife who is buying a Military Pride Star Necklace for herself as a present from her husband who is deployed for the fourth time. People include her in their journey when they tell her what a piece of jewelry will mean to them or someone else. She keeps these stories close at heart while she is creating, making and packaging an order.

Visit Wendy's website.  Tell her your story and that Garden State Woman sent you!

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