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International Show Jumper Dani G. Waldman Collaborates with Karina Brez on Fearless Feathers


Danielle Goldstein, Dani G. Waldman, is an American-Israeli show jumper and Olympian. She is internationally acclaimed for her talent in competitive horse racing and her remarkable taste in style. She graces the circuit with colorful feather hair extensions with matching athleisure. Dani G. refuses to conform to standards and is a strong believer of self-expression and living on one's own terms.

In alignment with this mindset, Dani G. is collaborating with renowned equestrian jeweler, Karina Brez in a new collection, Fearless Feathers. Fearless Feathers offers bold, beautiful rings and bracelets "for those who unapologetically ride through life."

The Fearless Feathers Collection by Dani G. consists of six show-stopping designs, hugging two sides with a feather and a horse hoof. Each bracelet embodies the fearlessness of the wearer, and is available in all diamonds, a rainbow of sapphire colors, or in a blue or pink sapphire ombre. Fearless Feathers Collection rings are paired with collection bracelets perfectly.

Regarding individuality and personalization, Dani G. Waldman states, "One way I have always expressed my inner creativity and uniqueness is through accessorizing with jewelry. It's such a great way to subtly express mood based on color choice or style or genre: some days you feel goth, some days you feel romantic, some days you want to use color to elevate a look and sometimes you just want to blend in with neutrals. Jewelry is so personal, and one of the best things about wearing rings and bracelets is that they aren't just for other people to enjoy and admire, but to look down and see wearable art on yourself – that's a confidence booster if you ask me!"

The Fearless Feathers Collection is a celebration of self-love by one's own rules, on the course charted. Karina Brez and Dani G. encourage followers to use the hashtag #FearlessFeathers alongside a life moment, when boldness kicked in.

To shop the Fearless Feathers collection, visit karinabrez.com/collections/fearless-feathers. For sales inquiries or retail partnership inquiries, contact Karina Brez at 561-400-4085 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For press inquiries, contact Pietra Communications at 212-913-9761 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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