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Paws of War is Helping Reunite a Marine with the Dogs she Rescued Overseas


Paws of War is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to rescuing animals and training dogs to be service dogs for U.S. military veterans.

Paws of War is working with a U.S. Marine to help rescue the two dogs that she found being intentionally starved. The U.S. Marine, Captain Vivaldi found the starving, pregnant dog while stationed in an undisclosed area of Asia. She took the dog, whom she named Cardi, and nursed her back to health. She also cared for the puppy that Cardi gave birth to, named Ivar.

After receiving orders that her deployment overseas has ended, Captain Vivaldi is desperate to bring the dogs back to the U.S. with her. She reached out to Paws of War to help relocate the dogs that she has bonded with.

"We have all bonded and become family. Cardi and Ivar helped me through a tough deployment, and I can't leave them behind in this harsh place," says Captain Vivaldi. "It would not be safe for the dogs to be left behind. They would surely die. Besides that, we've bonded and have so much love for one another. I can't imagine them not living with me for the rest of their lives."

It is the mission of Paws of War to help Captain Vivaldi, Cardi, and Ivar. But missions like these are costly, and the support from the community can help make it happen.

To make a donation to help with the cause, visit click here. For more information on Paws of War, visit pawsofwar.org

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