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Women's Health - Who is in Charge?


As we celebrate our national holiday, Independence Day, many women are confused. We have been taught that we are responsible for our health and hygiene, yet laws are being enacted that are detrimental to women's health. It seems that five people on the Supreme Court have taken responsibility for women's health. Ironically four of them are men. One wonders: where is their expertise in this matter? Their God-like attitude is amazing. Their confused reasoning endangers us all.

Some thoughts to consider: Would political change be different if it were men's health on the line? What if a law was enforced that prohibited a man to have control of his own body? Have we forgotten the concept of separation of church and state? It is important to remember that what one does with their own body, their own life, their own health, is up to them.

Women's health should not be a political football. Women's health should not be in the courts. Every woman is entitled to health care. Taking away this right is not the prerogative of any political machine.

We know our democracy is in peril. We know our independence is in peril. We know our children's future is in peril. Who is in charge? 

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Friday, 21 June 2024

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